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Consider practice management tools so powerful that they actually add value, as if you had extra management talent to take care of business in your practice or AP lab. That's what PathSync is all about, adding intuitive software and result-driven process services so that your practice has more resources working for you. Every moment of every day -- so you have less to worry about.

PathSync is designed to remove workload, tasks and routines so that pathologists and practice managers can focus on other elements that also yield ROI.

PathSync is comprised of three key managers. These three do the work so you don't have to.

PathSync Lab Manager

With many aspects, PathSync Lab Manager is the tool that accessions, tracks and reports results on specimens.
In hospital settings, it starts in the lab with accessioning and completes its cycle after reporting with powerful
reporting and QA tools. In practices where pathology practices have office-based or surgery center-based clients, PathSync Lab Manager reaches into those locations with two powerful features:  remote requisition and bar-coding. Strong "front-end" efficiencies are mirrored at the back-end with wonderful reporting mechanisms -- auto-fax, auto-email and online reporting.

Most importantly, PathSync Lab Manager works for large and small settings, whether a practice is dealing with a hospital, independent lab, large office/clinical practice or small one-man show.

Designed by pathologists, PathSync Lab Manager thinks like you think. It helps you do your job -- every day.

PathSync Billing Manager

Powered by one of, if not the best billing/practice management systems in the country, PathSync Billing Manager is  the blending of software and process. It's not enough to just have a software product to do billing. We go beyond the headaches of merely dropping in software. PathSync Billing Manager conforms to your process, staffing and software needs to create the solution that's just right for your practice and/or lab.

PathSync Practice Manager

For those wanting the ultimate solution, we pull it all together in one seamless answer to countless frustrations. Vertically integrating lab management into billing, PathSync's Practice Manager integrates the technical features of PathSync Lab Manager with the revenue features of Billing Manager into one powerful toolkit that puts you in control of your practice from end to end. The benefits speak for themselves: less of the bad things and more of the good things, resulting in more cash, more quickly with happier patients and more satisfied clients. It doesn't get much better than that!