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PathSync Lab Manager

Developed by pathologists...

for pathologists. Plainly put, PathSync is the first specimen management and reporting software package known to be born out of the processes of working pathologists just like you.

PathSync's Web-based Lab Manager is simply the best way to manage specimens from pre-accessioning to delivery of online reports -- and everything in between. The features are many, the benefits are limited only by your deployment of the software.

Web-based solutions for all settings: Independent Lab and Hospital-based

  • Independent Lab
  • Hospital-based

No longer do you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars up front to obtain a license (plus the ongoing support fees) and the additional tens of thousands of dollars to purchase hardware required to operate most AP systems. PathSync's Lab Manager is a Web-based application that allows you to use it from wherever you are, whenever you need it at a cost that you "pay as you go". Plus, you get all the enhancements and improvements over time without paying more.

Stop spending money unnecessarily. Invest in your practice. Pay yourself more. Don't give good money to software vendors when you can get all you need and more, with a simple, low-cost approach.

  • Low initial and ongoing investment.
  • Pay a subscription fee on a monthly usage basis. Pay for what you use.
  • No hardware costs to run the software. No ongoing maintenance fees. No need to have IT support in your practice or on-call.
  • No more worries about back-ups and redundancy. Keep your operations up and running smoothly...all the time.

Easy to use and maintain

Why punish yourself with systems that are cumbersome and hard to maintain -- much less costly to install and keep up? Why use a lesser product because expenses drive you to minimize rather than maximize?

PathSync's Lab Manager takes frustrations out of your AP lab's processes. More importantly, PathSync Lab Manager is designed to remove repetition, eliminate manual processes/analyses and reduce activities or tasks that can be done better, faster and easier by automated software solutions.

No longer do you need to host a software application, eliminating expensive servers, IT staff and endless IT headaches. 

Thanks to PathSync Lab Manager's Web-based solution, use and maintenance is easy and simple. Pathologists and/or your management team can now gain access to your AP software solution when it's needed, from just about any location, all day and night long. That level of access expands the reach of your practice and improves your ability to take care of patients.

Key features to remember about PathSync Lab Manager

  • Comprehensive specimen management
  • Bar-coding of specimens
  • Remote requisition for any size clinical/client practice
  • Online reporting, plus auto-email and auto-fax
  • Paperless, document scanning
  • Embedded slide images for reports
  • Seamless integration -- EMRs, LISs, HISs
  • QA management/reporting
  • Data repository with ease of access and reporting

Come into the future of AP software solutions

Add PathSync's Lab Manager to the team of professionals focused on getting the most out of your lab, all the time.