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PathSync Practice Manager

Bringing it all together, PathSync Practice Manager integrates the technical features of PathSync Lab Manager with the revenue features of PathSync Billing Manager into one powerful toolkit that puts you in control of your practice from end to end.  This seamless solution to endless problems in practice life offers simplicity and ease, while rich in features and capabilities.

At Practice Manager's core, PathSync Lab Manager links directly into PathSync Billing Manager, eliminating steps, reducing errors and saving time and money.  The simplicity of this connectivity drives value within pathology practices and AP labs.  Beyond its nexus, PathSync Practice Manager offers so much more by linking features that help pathologists get more out of their practice support services and processes.

The power of PathSync's Practice Manager translates into four major advantages for you :

Efficiency - Accuracy - Profitability - Marketability

It's like having an additional member of your practice's management team.  Real power, giving your practice's pathologists and leadership professionals more time to focus on issues critical to future success.  With PathSync Practice Manager, you no longer have to worry about many routine functions and processes.  Our solution provides the integration that takes care of your business...making results count.