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who know pathology. PathSync Billing Manager builds strong client relationships through superior performance to deliver mutual success. Any other way, it doesn't work. The fine balance of technology and processes elevates the basics of billing by treating your money like it's ours. We take it personally. Only your results count. Consider these advantages of PathSync Billing Manager.

Proven pathology focus and expertise

The strength of PathSync's billing technology and processes stems from five major factors:

  1. PathSync's management has been in the billing business for pathology practices of all sizes and complexities for over 10 years, each. That adds up to a half-century of exacting focus on the business of pathology billing.

  2. PathSync's CEO has not only directed billing operations but has also managed a large independent AP lab and supported several pathology groups with hands-on practice management. Throughout PathSync and especially under PathSync Billing Manager, results are driven for clients based on an exceptional depth and breadth of pathology management expertise.

  3. Teams of personnel learn all that they can to deliver the best possible results for clients every day, at every turn. Client teams are the focus of our processes and that team orientation is what drives the best possible returns for clients. We guarantee it or pay the price for not achieving expected results.

  4. Technology is center stage for PathSync Billing Manager. At the heart of billing processes is the country's leading practice management software.  Nothing better exists and we've enhanced it even more by adding pathology/laboratory features that make it easier, faster and simpler to get the job done for clients.  Tools of technology, combined with strong management process, make PathSync Billing Manager the best offering for your best interests.

  5. Transparency. PathSync provides clients with full disclosure -- no black box. Clients have direct access to their data whenever and however they require.  Through Billing Manager, clients can find out what is happening to their business at any time. PathSync leads with accountability. Our responsibility is to our clients to do all that we can to manage their billing processes well -- to produce the most cash possible under applicable laws, regulations and policies. It's not our data. It's yours and we want you to know what is going on with your business -- all the time.

Process-engineered technology made affordable

It's not enough to have tools available. Under PathSync Billing Manager, success for clients is all about how tools are created and applied. We listen to our clients to discover needs and wants related to information and process management, adding new features constantly to enhance results.

Powerful database management

We don't know of a system or service that can provide the wealth of data to clients with such ease and simplicity. First, Billing Manager's SQL database makes data elements readily available. Second, our report writer allows for nearly instant access to data to produce reports that tell clients what they need to know to run their business.

PathSync's Billing Manager has been repsonsible for clients getting at data in ways that have made a real difference in their results. 

Consider just a few analyses:

  • Understand payers' failures to pay against contractual obligations
  • Delineate revenue by CPT or line of business to match with cost data and figure profitability
  • Determine mix of business -- charge and cash bases
  • View productivity by individual providers
  • Ascertain results by office-based clients, hospitals or surgery centers

The list is limited by only our clients' creativity. At their command, PathSync Billing Manager clients have the tools they require to aggressively manage the business of their pathology business.

Cutting-edge name a few

  • Coding -- primary and audit/review
  • Compliance management
  • Scanning/imaging of paper for easy access
  • Charge entry and claims tracking
  • Interface data management
  • Statements that help patients sort out charges
  • Cash and adjustment posting
  • A/R Management -- detailed, protocol-driven
  • Online payments for credit/debit cards, eChecks