PathSync - Taking Pathology to a Higher Power

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It's time to streamline management of pathology labs/practices, from clinicians' offices through your AP lab for report generation to billing out claims -- all of which translates into cash. It's time for PathSync.

Imagine intuitive tools that make practice life -- both clinical and business -- easier, with fewer errors and inefficiencies, all at a reasonable cost to start up and maintain. Are you ready to harness the power of technology and the logic of integration? Are you ready to trade pain for profitability?

Today, so much of practice life presents challenges. Everywhere you turn, another influence is pressuring you.  Dearth of transcriptionists in your locale. Shoddy billing. Reduced payments from insurance carriers.  Impossible reporting requirements by governmental agencies. Fewer available, qualified personnel -- specialties, locations. On top of it all, so much of pathology practice is disjointed. On one side, there's the AP system, standing proudly but painfully isolated. Then there is the billing system or service, beaming with pride but hard to hold accountable.

The solution is here: PathSync. Through our Web-based Practice Manager product line, you will finally integrate the technical and revenue features into one powerful toolkit that puts you in control of your practice from end to end.  PathSync unites two products, Lab Manager and Billing Manager, to deliver the seamless, fully transparent system that pathologists have long needed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

It's not getting easier out there, but PathSync is here to alleviate pain and make practicing simpler so pathologists can focus on the science of medicine and care for patients.

Stop.  Look.  Learn.

Raise your practice to a Higher Power