PathSync - Taking Pathology to a Higher Power

Taking Pathology to a Higher Power

Streamlining operations in pathology practices and AP laboratories (independent and hospital-based) has never been more important. With endless cuts in reimbursement, constant upward pressure on costs and shrinking profit margins, pathologists need solutions that integrate processes, eliminate costly duplication and reduce errors. Get the power of software that was created by pathologists, for pathologists.

It's time for PathSync

Drive the power of PathSync for better results in your practice or lab:

  • Revenue Streams
  • Process Efficiencies
  • Financial Health
  • Quality Data
  • Cash

Simplify your practice life. Improve lab operations. Add the power of PathSync's Web-based solution that keeps returning benefits to you everyday, for every specimen processed, for each dollar collected. Where's the ROI?

Efficiency Accuracy Profitability Marketability
Eliminate repetitive tasks such as keystrokes. Deploy fewer resources, less people. Get the job done faster, smarter. Have data readily available -- now! Reduce data entry errors by doing things correctly the first time. Leverage data across all processes. Fewer resources expended, less errors, quick access to data/reports, no hardware costs, low-cost subscription as you go. Become the solution for your clients that marries them to you long-term. Differentiate your practice by delivering high-tech, high-touch solutions to your clients.

Trade pain for profitability by harnessing the power of technology and the logic of integration to better your practice life and AP lab operations.

It's time for PathSync in your life

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